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Adult (Sex) Education

About Course

Every school system worldwide is focusing on this subject. Parents, especially Muslim parents, often feel confused about whether it is good to provide their children with adult education, and if so, at what age and with what content.

Here we are to help you out.

We will assist you in providing age-appropriate and suitable content for your child while keeping in mind the modest approach (with haya perspective) Insha-Allah.

What Will You Learn?
Course Content

The curriculum is designed for adolescents, aligning with their developmental readiness and cognitive abilities.

The course emphasizes a haya perspective, guiding parents on integrating modesty into their children’s education with thoughtful content and teaching methods.

The curriculum includes a well-balanced selection of age-appropriate content, covering various subjects that promote holistic development while adhering to modesty principles.

Yes, the curriculum is structured to seamlessly integrate Islamic values, fostering moral and ethical development in alignment with the principles of the faith.

Delicate introduction and handling of sensitive adult topics are key components, approached with utmost care and consideration for the child’s emotional and psychological well-being.

The course employs various strategies to create a haya-focused learning environment, incorporating modesty into teaching methods, content selection, and overall educational practices.